"Peaks of the East"

"Peaks of the East" is an amusing, interesting, and absolutely entertaining collection of stories about Rein Krevald and his dog Spanky, their travels, hiking, and moutain climbing experiences together.

Specifically, the book is organized around Spanky and Rein's achievment of their first 24 (half the lower 48) state highpoints (highest elevation above sea level within the state), primarily east of the Mississippi, and thus the title, "Peaks of the East."

You'll find great outdoor adventure stories, amusing anecdotes about all kinds of things, really cool dog stories, it's just a fun read for anyone.

Not convinced..........check out some comments from folks that have read the book:

- I just finished reading your book last night - it is wonderful! It brought me back to reminiscing about my childhood, the simple life, and enjoying nature.

- A very enjoyable read.

- The book is timely and hits the right chords with a lot of us.

- Your book rocks!!

- We are living vicariously through you and Spanky.

- Loved the book!

- Finished the book this past week - a great romp!

- It's great! I'm loving it!

- Reading the book, I feel like you are talking directly to me telling me your stories.

- Your love for Spanky comes through on every page.

- Reminds me a lot of Andy Rooney or maybe Bill Bryson.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out our website:
The Adventures of Spanky and Rein

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